Sunday, June 10, 2012

Justice League - The Movie?

Newarama reported last week that Warner Bros. began reviving plans to bring Justice League to the big screen. They hired screenwriter Will Beall to write a script. I’m not going to go over his pedigree or the quality of what he’s written (because I haven’t seen anything he’s written and a lot of his scripts are for announced projects).

Warner Bros. is going to try and capitalize on the success of The Avengers – and who can blame them? Warner Bros. owns the DC Universe and the DCU offers just as deep a roster of interesting characters as Marvel does. But Marvel had a plan from the beginning to make The Avengers which was obvious at the end of Iron Man when Tony Stark is approached by Nick Fury with something called “The Avengers Initiative.”

Marvel did a lot of things to prepare to team its most iconic characters together but DC doesn’t have to follow that blueprint for a successful Justice League film. Can Warner Bros. pull it off? If their last several films besides the Batman one are any indication - then no. I’m hoping for the best but I won’t be surprised if it never gets made or gets made poorly. Warner Bros. had a great opportunity to work with Joss Whedon on Wonder Woman and decided against it.

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