Sunday, June 10, 2012

“Happy Birthday To Me” or “My Version of Ghostbusters 3”

I’ve accepted it. There will never be a Ghostbusters 3. Bill Murray was on Letterman a few days ago and explained how tough sequels were for him because they were never as good as the original. Bill Murray keeps shooting scripts down and legally, all three creators need to agree on anything before a movie gets made.

About two months ago, for my birthday, I wanted a commission sketch. I’d been watching a few commission artists on eBay for awhile and I finally decided on purchasing four character sketches from John Johnston (you can find him on eBay by searching title and descriptions or going to I told him about my concept – an all girl cast of Ghostbusters.

When I was forming my concept, I thought about making the members actresses I’d like to see in a new movie. Then I thought about making them characters from TV shows, movies, and comic books. They had to be characters that had ties to the supernatural.

With that in mind, I chose my all-girl, pop-culture team: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Zatanna, Magik (of the New Mutants), and Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter). They are four of my favorite characters and it felt great to put these characters who didn’t share a common universe in the same line-up. And it felt great to see someone else looking awesome in Ghostbuster gear.
 They ain't afraid of no ghosts, vampires, demons, or boggarts.

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