Saturday, March 10, 2012 Update

I originally posted a blog about back on 9/11/2011 and decided that since I’ve gotten a few new shirts, it was time for an update. update (original article published 9/11/2011)
11/4/2012 – Pac Man / Super Mario Brothers mash up
I’m a huge Pac Man fan and of course I remember the chain ball/dog thing from Super Mario World so this shirt was an instant buy.

12/24/2012 – Firefly inspired ‘Shiny’ shirt
The word ‘Shiny’ in the shape of Serenity was too good to pass up.

2/6/2012 – Community and Calvin & Hobbes mash up
I’m a huge Community fan and I like Calvin & Hobbes. I love all the in-jokes on this one from Abed saying “Cool. Cool, cool, cool”, Kick Puncher, special drink, and the blanket fort.

2/13/2012 – Buffy inspired album cover, Scoobies (by Joebot, the artist who brought you similar album covers featuring the Firefly inspired, ‘Fireflies’ album cover that got me addicted to in the first place)

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