Saturday, March 10, 2012

New 52 Figures: The Justice League

I’ve been excited about “The New 52” since it was announced. In the past I’ve toyed with the idea of buying enough figures to have a Justice League team on my shelf. The problem was, if there was a toyline offering the entire line-up, the figures didn’t look great. Or if the figures looked great, the entire team wasn’t available.

My friend had a solution. Since DC figures to run 7”, he would but the best looking Superman, Batman, and so on, until he had the line-up he wanted. He has Batman from the Hush figure collection, Wonder Woman from a collection that featured her (it also had Artemis and Diana in that white jumpsuit she used to wear for her ‘civilian’ job – it was a long time ago), and others that he’s slowly accumulated over the years.

Now I have an opportunity to get the best looking figures from DC Direct, designed by Jim Lee, featuring all the members of the new Justice League title. I ordered Batman last month and ordered Aquaman and Green Lantern this month.

Here is when you can expect these awesome figures in stores (I got this information from (just search for ‘new 52 figure’ and these pop right up)):

Batman – May 2012
Aquaman – June 2012
Green Lantern – June 2012
The Flash – August 2012
Wonder Woman – October 2012
Cyborg – October 2012
Superman – January 2013

Batman should be on my shelf next month and by January of next year I should have the entire team on display.

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