Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kickstarter Project: Sunday Punch (my web browser’s homepage) let me know about a Kickstarter project ( featuring Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman called Sunday Punch. I hadn’t donated anything on before but I’m a Whedon-fanatic so I decided to get involved. I donated $50 which netted me the following:

1) MP3 of "When The Cocaine Wears Off" performed live by singer/songwriter Sally Jaye on the set of Sunday Punch. Unlike most movies, we didn't want Sally and her band to lip-sync and mime along to the studio track, so they played live, on set, on film. Now hear the never-before-released, uncut performance from the movie!

2) DVD of Sunday Punch! These DVDs are taken from our dwindling private stock of the initial 500 disc pressing made for cast & crew, friends & family, and film festival submissions.

3) Set of 2 Sunday Punch mini-posters (both Styles) each signed by Dichen Lachman, Samm Levine, and David Yow.

They tried to raise $4500 to finish the film (i.e. buy the rights to the music they used in the film so they can make it available for sale or to stream) and wound up raising $6500. So what are they using the extra two grand for? Here’s the good news straight from the kickstarter page: “Should we exceed our $4500 pledge goal, every extra dollar will go directly toward the current development of our first feature film Too Late, which will feature Dichen Lachman reprising her role as Jill from Sunday Punch.”

So what is Sunday Punch about? ( describes it this way: “After one too many bad nights, a ring girl decides it's high time to get out from under the thumb of a local gangster, and burn every bridge she can on the way out.”


  1. Hi, do you maybe know where I could buy a copy of this dvd?

  2. Hi, do you maybe know where I could buy a copy of this dvd?