Saturday, March 10, 2012

Comic Con Sells Out In 90 Minutes

As I indicated last year, I didn’t think I was going this year. I knew the tickets were going on sale at 8am Saturday morning and slept until 9am. Then I tooled around the house before hanging out with a friend. I skipped registration completely. In the past few years, the only thing I’ve really been excited about are the Hasbro exclusives. I figure for the price of a 4 day pass and the price of parking – I can afford the upsell of the exclusive figures on eBay.

Besides, there are always other ways to geek out during the year. Once Wondercon goes back to San Francisco next year, maybe Wizard World will come back to Los Angeles or Anaheim.

As for the Comic Con, maybe I’ll go back next year. But for now I need to recharge my Con batteries and maybe I’ll miss it and when I go back I’ll appreciate it more.

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