Sunday, February 21, 2010

San Diego Gulls vs Idaho Junior Steelheads

I’m not a big hockey fan. That said, I loved going to San Diego Gulls games when they had an NHL team playing at the Sports Arena.

Now we don’t have a pro team but we do have the WSHL team, The San Diego Gulls playing their guts out at Escondido’s Ice-o-plex.

Last night I saw game two of a playoff game between the Gulls and the Steelheads. The Gulls were up by one game so it was the normal, intense game. They’re minor league with major heart and at the Ice-o-plex you can stand against the glass where players are checking each other as hard as they can.

If you’re in San Diego County somewhere and can go next year, I recommend it. Because even though they lost last night, it’s always exciting. Oh, and they have two rinks in the building just in case you get bored and want to skate.

This Seagull will poop on your car then beat you senseless with his hockey stick.

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