Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chuck and Ellen Page Commericals

Two companies have made me very happy with their advertising lately.

During Chuck, Honda Crosstour has these great commercials featuring Ellie and Awesome on their honeymoon but Morgan has stowed away. It’s a series of commercials that play during episodes of Chuck that feature all the places they go and things they do in the Crosstour. Each commercial is a full minute or more. I hope more TV shows do things like that and I hope the commercials make it onto the season three blu ray set. Just a lot of fun to watch – search “Chuck Honda” on youtube.
I can't find a screen shot of the commerical so take this one of super-hot Yvonne Strahovski at Comic Con International.

The other is Cisco which is using Ellen Page to illustrate how Cisco is connecting people all over the world. Instead of talking about the product or going on about what it does, Ellen is actually participating in the story of the commercial and experiences what Cisco does. And she seems so sweet and down to earth while she’s doing it. They always make me smile – search “Ellen Page Cisco” on youtube.

I couldn't find a screenshot for this one either so enjoy a screenshot of the website ad

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