Sunday, September 2, 2012 Update

I originally posted a blog about back on 9/11/2011 and an update on 3/10/2012 so I decided that since I’ve gotten a few new shirts, it’s time for another update.

3/19/2012 – R2-Deathstar
He’s the coolest Droid in the galaxy – he can blow up your planet but chances are he’ll just repair your hyperdrive. I rocked this shirt at Comic Con this year.

4/6/2012 – Paintballers
I love Community and the mix of Greendale’s mascot, the “Human Being” with paintball splatters was too good to pass up.

5/24/2012 – Tie Bombshell
Cheesecake pin-ups and Star Wars collide in this awesome shirt that I had to buy immediately.

8/7/2012 – The Blue Mite Returns
I’m a huge Tick fan (not the comic – the TV show (animated and live action)) and Dark Knight Returns fan. This mash-up is easily the best since the R2-Deathstar shirt above.

8/27/2012 – Kaylee’s Shiny Spacecraft Repair
Another great cheesecake pin-up-style shirt featuring my favorite Firefly/Serenity character.

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