Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Review: Conan the Barbarian

I wasn’t a fan of the original movie so I wasn’t really looking forward to this new one. I have a friend who was really into the original film so he wanted to see the film. The theatre we went to didn’t have it playing in anything but 3D so we forked over $15 to see the film.

I’m a fan of Jason Momoa and Rachel Nichols so I was rooting for the film to be good since I didn’t want to see it in the first place and I spent $15 on it.

Good: All of the first part of the movie with Conan as a kid is fantastic. The 3D action could be a little distracting at times so I’d lose track of who was doing what to who in action scenes. It’s awesome to see Jason Momoa on the big screen. When Conan throws down with the main villain the first time, the fight is interesting and intense.
Bad: The story centers around a villain trying to reassemble and activate a mask that will give him the ability to rule the world but when he gets it working it doesn’t seem to do anything to give the villain even the slightest advantage in his fight against Conan.
Own It/See It/Pass: If you’re a Conan fan, you should pass – my friend loved the original and hated this film. For me it was worth seeing but not owning. Seeing it in 3D wasn’t worth the price so see it without.

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