Monday, August 15, 2011

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Live Review

I went to see the stage adaptation of Joss Whedon’s, “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” at the 10th Ave Theatre on July 29, 2011. I’m a big fan and really enjoyed this fan-based production.

It had been a while since I watched my copy so I think they might have added a scene or two so that the actor’s could change or get into position. The play was just as funny and entertaining as the original.

Good: Great acting, fun singing, and the way they used shadows and set pieces to replicate the special effects was great.
Bad: The gun exploding at the end and Penny getting hit was hard to see because I was in the back and it happened upstage.
See It/Pass: If you enjoyed it on the internet or on blu ray, you’ll like it just as much in person. I saw it with a group. Three of us had seen it while one of us hadn’t. The one who hadn’t already seen it was a little lost but enjoyed it. If you’re lucky enough to have this live show land anywhere near you, go and see it.

It's playing August 26-28 at Elmwood Park High School Auditorium in Illinois
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 Dr Horrible: Nathan Turner, Penny: Jane Lui, Captain Hammer: Michael Minto

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  1. Thanks for the review.
    Take note that this review, Graphic, and photos were for the production adaptation and interpretations that were developed by the team assembled by Chinese Pirate Productions in San Diego (

    To Elmwood Park High School... have a GREAT production! I know we had a BLAST Interpreting and adapting the Whedon's work, and I wish I could see what creative solutions you came up with to solve some of the problems of moving a fan coveted property from film to stage!

    BRAK A LEG!!!

    Chinese Pirate Productions