Sunday, August 25, 2013

Star Wars Black 6” Figures: How Do They Stack Up?

I don’t get many Star Wars figures. I started getting them with the Vintage ones came out to celebrate the anniversary of The Empire Strikes back (triggered by my purchase of the Vintage AT-AT). I have at least one version of all the main cast but I’m not what anyone would consider a collector - unless we’re talking about R2-D2.

I’ve been collecting R2-D2 figures for over 20 years and Star Wars Black’s first Wave has R2-D2 in a size I don’t have! I don’t know if it was that R2-D2 or the fact that the 6” figures looked hyper-detailed but I ordered the first wave.

I love the new 6” figures - I might be collecting these from now on (I've already preordered Wave 2). I’ve take a few pix of the new R2-D2 and Sandtrooper figures with their 3.75” counterparts.

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