Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show and Seth Meyers takes over Late Night

A few years ago, I was excited when Conan O’Brien took over The Tonight Show but, a few months later, Leno returned and Conan O’Brien was left without a show until TBS was smart enough to pick him up.

Now that Leno is the king of late night again (according to all the ratings), NBC is replacing him with Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon. The difference between Leno replacing O’Brien and Fallon replacing Leno is that the reports say Leno is behind the decision. Of course when he announced O’Brien was replacing him, Leno told us on his show, it was because he and his wife agreed that he would retire at a certain age so they could travel.

Jimmy Fallon, who took over for Conan O’Brien on Late Night is taking over the Tonight Show in 2014 and they’re building a new studio at 30 Rock (where SNL, Fallon and Meyers’ alma mater, is filmed) for him. Seth Meyers’ Late Night will also film in 30 Rock and premiere at the same time Fallon takes over the Tonight Show.

I have to say that I like Leno – but not more than I like Conan O’Brien or Jimmy Fallon. I’m additionally excited because Lorne Michaels, who produces SNL, will be producing the Tonight Show and Late Night and all three shows will film in the same building. I’ve enjoyed Jimmy Fallon’s show and I’m looking forward to seeing what Seth Meyers brings to the table in 2014.
Fallon & Meyers (Photo Credit: Chris Pizzello/AP)

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