Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Marvel NOW! Review: Iron Man #1-2 and Deadpool #1-2

Iron Man #1-2 by Kieron Gillen, Greg Land, and Jay Leisten

Maya Hansen was forced to recreate Extremis for AIM but she managed to escape and get a warning out to Tony Stark. Knowing how dangerous the technology is, he sets out to destroy it. Fortunately, Tony has a new suit of armor and a traveling armory that customizes his armor at will.

Good: It’s Tony doing what he does best – overpowering the competition with his brains and his technology. The dialogue is good and I like when he finds a way to destroy Extremis in issue #2, robbing the bad guys of a prolonged fight. Although I did like the way the bad guys used their own armor to enhance their martial arts abilities.

Bad: I don’t know Tony’s relationship with Maya Hansen but her death didn’t do much to Tony. Will anyone miss her? And Iron Man going after people who are using his technology is a recycled plot but could be fresh for people who haven’t been reading Iron Man off and on for about 25 years.

Deadpool #1-2 by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Tony Moore

Someone is resurrecting dead presidents so they can get the country back on track but the resurrected presidents want to return the country to its former glory by killing all of the living. SHIELD can’t risk another embarrassing photo of Captain America accidentally decapitating a president so they turn someone the public already views as a scumbag: Deadpool. But Deadpool isn’t subtle and he leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.

Good: The premise is really pretty clever and the adventure is fun, funny, and action packed. The stuff in the zoo is the best – it’s hilarious.

Bad: I’m not a big Deadpool fan but the adventure is tailor made for him so no complaints here.

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