Monday, October 15, 2012

The premiere of Arrow - Oct 10th

The CW has filled the fanboy vacuum left by Smallville with Arrow - a retooling of Green Arrow who was a main character for years on Smallville. This series uses a different actor and origin from its Smallville counterpart so I won't compare them.

I'm not going to go much into the plot but the tone is dark and it suits the character and the action well. The fight scenes were great and it looks like Stephen Amell does his own parkour stunts. And this isn't an Oliver Queen who pulls punches as we actually see him kill a guy in the first 30 minutes of the show to protect his secret.

The wise-cracking detective and his partner are obnoxious. I thought giving the sister the nickname, Speedy AND showing her with drugs was a little too much right away. Also, having his best friend's last name be Merlyn is a little spoilerish.

It's a lot of Easter eggs and way too much foreshadowing for a first episode. Let's get to know the sister and best friend a little before we introduce the drugs and the last name. Let's run down the story threads - Dinah Lance eventually becomes Black Canary, Speedy has a drug habit but ultimately becomes his sidekick, his mother is the bad guy, and his best friend becomes his greatest enemy. And who doesn't think Hunt was a cheap Lex Luthor?

It was okay as far as first episodes go but from here on I hope they don't cram so much stuff in so we can slow down and enjoy it unfold a bit more.

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