Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to the Geek Fest

This is just a random blog where I’ll talk about anything that I enjoy (mostly comics, sci-fi, and conventions) and share things I see. This is just a place for me to celebrate/rant the things I enjoy/despise.

I’m a full-time student who is between semesters. I work with dolphins and sea lions (mostly on their records and lab work but I do take blood from them from time to time) so I might comment on things that are related. I’m doing a novel writing course with the Long Ridge Writer’s Group and I’m on chapter three of my novel.

I don’t get many single comic books anymore, I mostly get trade paperbacks so I’m not current on a lot of storylines. The only book I read immediately after getting is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course I grab the odd title that catches my eye (Fantastic Four #574 had Spidey on the cover and I love me some Torch/Spidey banter) but trade paperbacks give me a complete story. I don’t have the attention span to remember what’s going on in every title I enjoy every month so I take the stories in large chunks.

And the trade paperbacks are a great way to get in on titles that everyone is talking about. I was getting (I think) Marvel Team-Up and Robert Kirkman had Invincible guest star with Spider-Man. I enjoyed the issue and the character and bought The Invincible Ultimate Collection. It was a great way to try the title and I have all the Ultimate Collections now. I did that with Walking Dead and Hack/Slash too.

I have an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 because I love video games but I’ve been completely taken with World of Warcraft so those subjects may come up (A LOT).

Also, I’m a Joss Whedon freak. Expect that to come up…often.

I also dabble in Marvel Universe and GI Joe figures. I guess you can say that I touch every corner of fandom in some way.

Except anime and manga – don’t understand the appeal. I’ve tried them. I don’t like them. Anime, manga, and I share the planet in a peaceful co-habitation where I leave them alone and they leave me alone.

That’s it. Enjoy. Or hit BACK on the browser. Or print this and read it later. Or email it to all your friends. Or go get some ice cream and ask them to add marshmallows and gummy bears to it. Or get some Chinese food and eat the orange chicken goodness while I steal, open, and enjoy your fortune cookie.

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