Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not Comic Con but Comic Con-like

People at work know me as the ‘comic book guy’ so it shocks them that I’m not going to Comic Con this year. I explain that I didn’t try to get tickets and that I didn’t want to go. Then people all ask me the question why.

Despite that opening paragraph, this isn’t a negative post. I’m glad so many have discovered the sheer and unadulterated awesomeness that is Comic Con. I’ve gotten tons of sketches, autographs, sat in endless panels, talked to hundreds of celebrities, and gotten my picture with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee more than once. The things I want now are Hasbro exclusive toys and that’s it. But instead of paying for tickets and parking and food for 4+ days and spending 6+ hours for those toys, I pre-purchase the toys on eBay and save a ton of money even with the generous speculator mark-up.

I envy the hardcore fan who camps out overnight for Joss Whedon but that’s not me anymore. The people who spend all of that time in a line deserve the good seats in Hall H, the 4 day pass with preview night, autographs from the Big Bang Theory cast, and all of the exclusive toys and swag they can carry. When I was willing to stand in the lines, I deserved it too.

I’ve found the activities around Comic Con to be less hectic and more satisfying. While I won’t be going to Comic Con, here is a list of what I’ll be up to at the show.

Wednesday, July 17 @ 8pm Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em Improv
Friday, July 19 @ 7:30pm Veronica Mars fan event (I’m going as a Kickstarter VIP)
Saturday, July 20 I’ll be downtown from about 12pm on. There is a 2pm Felicia Day signing at Geek & Sundry (in the Jolt’n Joes building), and @ 7pm I have tickets for the Thrilling Adventure Hour with a signing after the show

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