Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cool Site:

Every so often there's a story that makes you do a double-take. I saw an article on MSN about a couple who glued about 60,000 pennies to their bedroom floor. I thought that was an awesome idea until I saw the result. Now I think it's a super awesome idea. The couple, Ryan and Emily, own the home and did the work together. Once done the sanded them down and put a clear coat on top to seal them in.

I imagine there are a lot of couples out there bonding on house projects together and this isn't any different. I used to enjoy getting together with the men in the family and building a fence or deck. I think that doing a project with someone I'm in a relationship with would be richly rewarding. The two of them not only covered the floor in pennies but they blog about it on They've even come up with a dictionary of terms related to their penny-gluing adventures.

For example:
Hot Damn Mess - the term used to describe when a section of freshly laid pennies are not lining up with previously glued pennies.

I know there are other people who have done this (a quick google search even has an entry on but go and visit their blog. Maybe it'll inspire a little out of the box thinking and, even if it doesn't, it's still inspiring on its own.

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