Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick Review: Red: The Werewolf Hunter & Underworld Awakenings 3D

Red: Werewolf Hunter
I love Felicia Day so I might not be completely objective (but this is my blog so I don’t have to).

Felicia Day is Virginia but her family calls her “Red” as is the family tradition with the firstborn daughter of each generation. When Virginia brings her fiancé, Nathan, home to meet the family, he has no idea that she and her family are werewolf hunters.

With the death of the werewolf leader, the truce between them and the hunters ends and Nathan is quickly indoctrinated in the werewolf hunter, but when he gets bit, Virginia has to keep her family from killing him while hunting down the werewolf who bit him.

GOOD: I love Felicia Day. “Red” is a compelling character who gets to be tough and vulnerable. The movie ended the way it should have – tragically with Red making a hard decision. No mythical solutions or last minute saves in this movie.

BAD: Was it really necessary kill Red’s ENTIRE family? Also, except for Red and Grandmother Sullivan, Nathan and the rest of the family had almost no personality.

SEE IT/OWN IT: See it and if you like it, show Felicia Day some love and buy it. I haven’t decided whether I want to get it or not.

Underworld Awakenings 3D
Kate Beckinsale is back as Selene, a vampire Death Dealer who, together with Michael, tries to escape a city where the authorities are aggressively killing all the vampires and werewolves they can find. When Michael is killed and Selene wakes up 12 years later – she’s pissed.

GOOD: …the first ten minutes when Selene is doing what she does best.

BAD: I wasn’t a fan of the first movie (the only one in the series I saw) so if you’re a fan you might like it. But my friend and I started making fun of the movie about 40 minutes in and finally left the theatre a few minutes later.

SEE IT/SKIP IT: Skip it.

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