Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Chuck" Wraps Production 12/7/2011

Chuck wrapped production on 12/7/2011 and the final episode is set to air 1/27/2012. My favorite show on television is set to end and I can’t help but be grateful. It was a show whose first season only had 13 episodes in it and had to struggle from season to season for survival. Except for the first and the fifth season, none of the other seasons had the same episode count. Here is a breakdown of the episodes per season:

Season 1 – 13 episodes
Season 2 – 22 episodes
Season 3 – 19 episodes
Season 4 – 24 episodes
Season 5 – 13 episodes

Chuck is a fantastic show that deserved 22 episode seasons every season and it’s a shame that it’s going away so soon. Hopefully it did enough episodes for syndication and that a lot of new fans will find it there.

I just watched “Chuck Versus the Santa Suit” and there was so much emotion in that episode (and a kick-ass cameo by Stan Lee). I wish this final season had been longer but I’m glad the writers, actors, and fans are getting a proper goodbye.

And, as always, I’m glad I have more episodes to look forward to.

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