Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I did during the Southern California blackout

Southern California had a huge blackout from Orange County to Tijuana and as far east as Arizona. Because most businesses closed when the lights went out and it was obvious that they weren’t going back on anytime soon, everyone got on the road at the same time. I had power-outage related problems at work so I didn’t leave until most traffic had cleared (around 8pm).

It was weird. I had to be really alert because none of the visual cues that told me when I was coming up on an intersection with a stop light. Even though they weren’t working, you’re supposed to stop at lights and act like they’re four-way stops.

When I got home I went for two things, a flashlight, and my lightsaber.

A few years ago, a friend and I were at Comic Con and they had specials on the lightsabers because sellers were getting rid of what was left of the Master Replicas line (now they are made by Hasbro under the name Force FX Lightsabers). A friend and I agreed that if we had the money to get one, we’d do it.

So there we were on Sunday deciding which lightsaber to get. He chose the Luke’s green lightsaber because it was his favorite. I picked Luke’s blue lightsaber because it was Anakin’s which was passed down to Luke. I also picked it because in the Star Wars saga, it’s the very first lightsaber we ever see ignited.

So after I loaded the flashlight in the moonlight (I like how that rhymed) I loaded the lightsaber up with batteries. There’s nothing like swinging a lightsaber around during a blackout to pass the time. I went out to the pitch black parking lot of the apartment complex and when I turned it on, it was so bright I could only see the saber and couldn’t see the cars around me. It was awesome. I don’t have a picture but everyone looks more awesome with a lightsaber.


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