Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chuck *big huge tremendous spoilers*

I know I already talked a little bit about Chuck in my ‘Best of 2010’ post but last night was the episode ‘Chuck Versus the Push Mix.’

When Sarah left to go undercover to get Chuck’s mom out from undercover, I thought it would be a storyline that took forever to resolve but it wrapped up quickly. There was great stuff in the last few episodes about Chuck and Sarah, Casey and Alex, Jeffster, Morgan and Alex, Sarah and Casey, General Beckman and Chuck, and even a small moment with Sarah and Morgan after he’s accosted by lasers.

This episode expertly wraps up a lot of the storylines while reuniting Chuck and Ellie with their cleared-of-all-charges mother. This episode was a great example of what a fantastic show Chuck is.

And the end, with Chuck proposing to Sarah silently (almost in silhouette) and her accepting was a beautiful way to pay off all of the episodes I’ve watched. It was a great moment in the series and really makes me worry about the next episode – the bar is set really high for the rest of the season – but I will be eagerly watching every episode.

NOTE: To The Cape, V, No Ordinary Family (shows that are pretty good) – this is how you build a mythology, pay off your stories, and earn your fans’ loyalty and justify their excitement.

As the screen goes to black and the credits roll, Chuck gets down on bended knee and Sarah replies by eagerly kissing him.

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