Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pick Up Stix – the first big disappointment of 2011

It’s become a tradition to go into Pick Up Stix on Wednesday, have a house special chicken wok combo with plain chow mein noodles and cream cheese wontons. And, because it was ‘Wonton Wednesday’ I’d order a few extra cream cheese wontons.

I went in last Wednesday and the cashier said wok combos were now only available from 11am to 3pm and ‘Wonton Wednesday’ was gone. While I expected that ‘Wonton Wednesday’ was a temporary promo, I’ve been getting the wok combo for years – often for dinner.

While going into Pick Up Stix on Wednesdays wasn’t a tradition long, it was nice to go in and wind down from a long day of work. Pick Up Stix is far away from work so going there at lunch is improbable.

So I say goodbye to eating at Pick Up Stix as the new year begins.

Alas, poor wok combo, I knew ye well

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